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Rope Editor Plus

Rope Editor Plus is a plugin for Lightwave 3D Modeler®. It interactively creates a rope mesh along smooth curves that follow a set of connected 2-point guide polygons. A variety of settings allow the creation of rope with various shapes and characteristics, as well as similar objects such as steel cable, twisted wires, or springs. You can also create solid shapes that resemble pipe and hollow tubes.

Rope Editor Plus preserves the settings for each rope mesh so that it can be edited later. So, if you want to modify an existing rope, simply select the appropriate guide polygons, activate Rope Editor Plus, and interactively adjust the shape of the rope. Rope Editor Plus will re-generate the rope continuously as the guide polygons are adjusted.

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Rope Editor Plus for Lightwave 3D (PC Version) is now available for purchase. The price per license is US$50.
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The Preliminary Rope Editor Demo Version
A preliminary demo version, called Rope Editor, was previously made available for evaluation purposes. The released version has additional features compared to Rope Editor - it is not just for ropes anymore - so the name has been changed to Rope Editor Plus.

In addition to new features, the full version does not have the limitations of the demo version. The demo version limitations are:

  • The length and number of sections of a rope mesh is limited.
  • Rope strand are limited to 3 points/polys around the strand.
  • Custom Presets cannot be saved or loaded.





















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