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Products - Rope Editor Plus

If you have tried the preliminary demo version of Rope Editor, you have a pretty good idea of how Rope Editor Plus works. However, Rope Editor Plus has additional features to broaden the capabilities and enhance productivity.

Create ropes and other objects with different strand types.

Strands can spiral or follow the curve axis, and they can be solid or tubes.

Rope settings are saved with the guide polygons, so you can continue to edit a rope after restarting the Rope Editor Plus tool, even after re-loading the object.

Choose from a variety of settings to create UV maps for different requirements.

Adjust the quality level of the rope mesh without changing the basic shape. Easily create replacement objects by copying the guide polygons and modifying a few settings.

If desired, you can assign different surfaces for each strand, for the inner surfaces of tubes, and for the end polygons.

Click an option to generate a chain of Skelegons along the axis curve, or a simple chain of two-point polygons.

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